Great restaurant moment a long time ago

It is crazy when I think of how long I have been in the food and wine business; I started out in 1979 so you do the calculation J

Over the years I did not regret any of my choices or the paths that I have taken with all the challenges on the way I still love every minute of It.

People always ask me for my favourite food, wine, restaurant and so on and Its hard to tell with so many nice bottles to drink and food to eat

but I do remember the dinner that changed my way as a young chef and did the biggest impact on my personal life.

Restaurant La Petite in Helsingborg still owned by Jean Louise Marchandise http://www.lapetite.se and still the same menu, why change a success!

I was at this day celebrating one of the greatest men in gastronomy and still my old friend Lars Bogren on his 50:th birthday and on the menu I hade the most life changing food

Poached egg in a red wine sauce with brioche on the side and French country butter.

Coq au vin the a real classic.

Crème brulée.

And we hade champagne thru the dinner, a demi sec from Veuve – Clicquot with lots of nice residual sugar, maybe I would choose something different today J

This may not sound as the most amazing dinner but at that time not many restaurant cooked food like this and I was blown away, thanks Jean Louis.

I have so many great stories to tell and will do that in my book (A Secrets from a Sommelier as a working title) just need to find a investor in the project.

Drink and eat well and you will remember that for the rest of your life.