South Korea 1

The WACS (world association of chefs societies) congress are over in South Korea for this time with great achievements regarding cooking and also great to make new friends and to meet up with all the people from the culinary world.

67 member countries was at place with some 500 chefs and with some help of culinary students we could set a new Guinness record of 2111 chefs in one place, great fun.

The next congress will be held in Stavanger Norway in 2013 and we are all looking forward to this and dearly support Norway for great success.

Athens in Greece will hold the congress in 2016 so they have 4 years to sort they economics out and make it work, I am sure they will.

Sebastian Gibrand was representing the Swedish chefs association in the Hans Buschkens junior competition where 7 of the top junior chefs drawn from the globe are competing, he made 2:d place and made us all very proud.

Going to the toilet here in Korea is a remarkable experience due to all the fuzzy buttons on the seat all for different reasons, and of course I have to try them all, I still can’t figure out what the blowtorch is for J

The big negative setback have been that about 60 people got sick as dogs of food poisoning witch gives the organizing people a lot to think about, this is including me and Christina as well J

Tomorrow is a couple of days in Seoul and rest of Korea to do some sightseeing before heeding for home.

More to come.

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