Korea part 2

I did not have any expectations of Korea before we left for the congress, the only thing I did know is that the Korean chefs association will try the best to fulfil our needs for those days, and the did for sure, more than 60 people was food poisoned including me and Christina and that did take away many of the nice days that we expected to enjoy here in this beautiful country and friendly people.

What surprises me is how low the level of foreign languages are here not even in the hotels do they speak anything except Korean at the front desk, strange due to that the hosted the summer Olympics 88 world cup in soccer 04 and will host the winter games in 18 this is for me very strange.

The Korean people are as I mentioned very friendly and very stylish when it comes to fashion especially the female side where you can se how the high economic standard is worn in all the handbags and shoes of the most famous designers, I love it

Seoul is a true mega city with 10 million people in the city centre and 22 million with the outskirts, talk about buzzing city and if you think about that Korea have less than 2% unemployment you quickly realize how big the spending power is here, how the hell do they all keep the weight?

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