DMZ (demobilisation zone)

If you travel to Korea you have to visit the DMZ (demobilisation zone) that runs between North & South on the 38 parallel.

This is a remarkable please when you consider that in the south you have one of the worlds strongest economies and in the North are people starving to death to remember is that the line is only 2000 meter wide but the most heavily guarded piece of land on the globe.

There are many places to visit and I recommend using a good guide who knows the history and all the stories.

The known tunnels that have been found is impressive when you know that 40 000 men with field artillery could pass each hour, and this only 44 km from Seoul, scary!

The south regular army of 650 000 men are nothing when you know that north side have over one million hungry men on the other side with army training for 10 years for all the men and 7 years for all the women, this is teambuilding don’t you think?

North Korea:
 The bridge of no return

 Mines everywhere

 The new build train station thet have never been used:

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