Best Restaurant in Stockholm?

Frantzen / Lindeberg is a ** star restaurant in the old town of Stockholm and the place to visit as a foodie, many thing has been wrote and said about this small 20 seat restaurant and of course I have to try is as well, so how was the dinner?

You can just say it in one word GREAT with fantastic 18 course menu and great wines and a amazing staff at the tables that is unusual to meet in Sweden.

The menu are inspired by the season with own farmed veggies and close by meat from selected producers, I love the bread dough rising at the table before it was baked and the way of making the butter at the table is wonderful.

For me to try to explain the whole menu is impossible due to that the courses are complicated and will not do justice if I try so look at the pictures (I missed some) and please visit if you can for a exceptional food experience.

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  1. OMG!
    Jösses vilken läcker matkavalkad! Jag hinner tyvärr inte åka till Stockholm just nu, mina grödor kallar;-), men jag vet var jag skall gå när jag kommer dit...