Swedish Meatballs ala Original

There are many things to say about Swedish cuisine and the food from the Nordic countries, but I guess that the Meatballs ( Köttbullar ) is the thing that people around the globe think of when asked to mention one Swedish dish.

The Meatballs is actually brought in from Turkey bye the Swedish King Karl XII in the 1700 and are now consider to be the number food for all ages here often served with potatoes, lingonberry and pickled cucumber.

The best meatballs in Sweden are served at Värdshuset Ulla Winbladh at Djurgården in Stockholm, this old Inn is very traditional in foodservice and I just love the way they represent Sweden and its food culture without being snobby or old-fashioned.

Milk, beer or water is the thing to drink with meatballs due to the very creamy sauce and all the different flavours that is going on at the same time makes this a dish very hard to match wine.
Please enjoy this amazing dish the right way and do not consider what is served at most IKEA restaurants to be the true Swedish meatball

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