Great Champagne is for everybody

Champagne, the magical wines from France have many followers and there are miles of information about this to find.

The good thing about champagne is that everybody can find they own style and taste that you can appreciate no matter what everybody else says, try many different and you will find champagne that will be perfect for you.

I attended a big champagne tasting a wile ago and discovered a new favourite producer in Forget – Brimont from the small village of Craon de Ludes just north of Epernay.

Michel Forget is the 6:th generation in this winegrowing family where his ancestor Louis started the company at the beginning of the century and Eugene established the brand in 1920 with a very small production of just a few hundred bottles.

The company own 15 hectares of grand cru in Verzenay and Mailly and Premier cru from the Chigny-les-Roses and Ludes with Pinot Noir as the predominated variety grape.

Michel blends his wines from three different vintages to create his signature style and the wines are aged on lees for 2 years for the non vintage and up to 10 years for the vintage wines in chalky caves 15 meters under ground in constant temperature of 10 degrees.

Great wines from a small producer worth visiting next time you are in the area.

I love champagne in the Blanc de Noire style with power and big flavours but will never refuse a glass of Blanc de Blanc J

Here are my best choice.

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  1. Vi åker förbi Champagne på väg upp från Barcelona. 9-12 Maj.