Great artisan food

When you think about great food you have to mention all the wonderful flavours in delicatessen that are made by people who is true to the original history and who really cares about how they produce the cheeses and cured/dried food stuff from all the regions of Europe.

The tradition of producing food from your own and local produce is a great way of preserving the artisan craftsmanship so all of you out there can taste the true favours of the land and the people who every day is trying they best to make us all happy.

I am happy to work in a company who has many of these fine producers and you can find them all in many of the best restaurants and delicatessen shops around the country.

At the Gastro Nord fair the 24-27 of April you can visit us at our stand and taste some of the best products from around Europe on the Swedish market and meet up with the producers and great chefs who will prepare some great treats for you.

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