Prowein and Yummy wines

Its time for this years big wine fair Prowein in Germany with thousands of producers and million bottles of wine to be pored for four days.

I will be focusing on new wine producing countries to see how the potential are, I’m curious of the less known places and I do believe in diversity when it comes to wine.

What do you think of Uruguay, Brazil, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, India among others and not to mention the other Russian former republics that have been making wine for centaury’s.

I don’t have any limitations when it comes to wine and I love to discover less known grapes and regions, look at Sweden for instance! Who could believe that there will be vines growing up here twenty years ago??

Or England for that matter who is giving Champagne a real battle for the money.

Before I leave tomorrow I will conduct a big tasty, juicy Toro wine tasting that I have been looking forward to for months.

I will be back.

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