Confrerie Saint - Etienne D`Alsace

Last Friday was a very nice day that I will remember and cherish for a very long time, me and Christina was inducted to the brotherhood of the winegrowers association from Alsace the Confrerie Saint – Etienne D`Alsace this is for us a very special thing due to that we love the wines and the gastronomy from Alsace and this is a way for us to be an even bigger part of this beautiful wine district of France.

The day started early in the town hall with lots of happy people and many wine producers that was attending this event al the way from France, and I especially enjoyed  Hubert Trimbach from one of my all time favourite wine houses, he is a very funny man with a witty humour.

After some funny song and the induction we all moved on to the gala dinner with some amazing wines and lots of new friends that share the same interest as we do, we all missed the Alsace region sitting there and talking about experience and sharing good hotels and other information, this is a tiny region but so many things to se and to do, have an urge to go there soon again

Here on this blogg there are some more Alsatian adventures, look for it.



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