Can you drink Italian Fashion?

The Italian company of Martini & Rossi started up in mid 1800 and are now days mostly known for its vermouth and are owned by the Bacardi company from 1992.

Martini Gold is a result of the great collaboration between Bacardi and the most famous house of Italian fashion Dolce & Gabbana that sourced the world to create a unique flavour.

This essence of bergamot, lemons and oranges from Sicily, Spanish saffron from La Mancha, myrrh from Ethiopia, ginger from India and Kubeba pepper from Sunda island of Indonesia and it is all packed in a beautiful golden bottle with a black packaging designed by the two fashion icons.

The taste is beautifully balanced of fragrant lemon, deep, zesty orange and rich exotic spices with the special Martini touch.

You just have to try it! Its for sale at tax-free for about 250 SKR

Please enjoy.

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