Can you compete in cooking ?

The first sponsor dinner of the year for us went very good and I could notice that all the invited guests where very impressed of the food and the presentation of the new team, now is our focus on the cold table display that we will compete with on the culinary Olympics in October this year in Erfurt Germany.

The Skåne culinary team is really on the toes to do perfection and the team is in good spirit and doing the best even if there are some more months to go but we all know that time moves fast and we will soon be there.

Another thing is that we have the team captain Martin Hansen who will represent Sweden in the Nordic chef of the year and Pi Nghi Thanh Le for the junior chef of the year great guys with enormous talents.

My myself and I will go judge the kitchen work and my great pal Tomas Gustafsson will judge the dishes, only people from Skåne here now, great achievements from all.

Sebastian Gibrand are at the same time competing in London for the Hans Bushkens trophy with Magnus Johansson as the following judge, a very strong Swedish team.

Here are some pictures from the sponsor night.

A proud president of the Swedish chefs association of Skåne who missed to take pictures of the first dishes.

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