When my wife Christina got back from New Orleans where she was visiting a good old friend for some days she brought back a bottle of bourbon to me without knowing what is was in the bottle, but let me tell you that this was the best whisky I have ever tasted and I have splurged a few in my days.

This original single barrel Blanton`s bourbon was once designated for high rollers in the world and I just love it !

Bourbon has been enjoyed for centuries, but single barrel bourbon only dates back to 1984, when the owners of Ancient Age Distillery (now Buffalo Trace Distillery) set out to create a premium quality product. In the process, they revolutionized the industry.

The inspiration? Colonel Albert Blanton,It all started during a conversation with his former apprentice, Elmer T. Lee. Mr. Lee recalled the days when Col. Blanton would entertain friends and special guests by serving them bourbon from Warehouse H.
Col. Blanton discovered that this warehouse aged bourbon better than any other on the grounds, especially in the middle sections known as the center cut.
After taste-testing samples, Col. Blanton would pick an individual barrel he liked best and have it bottled.
The bottles became his special select single barrel bourbons.

 Mr. Lee’s concept turned into a reality when the owners asked him to oversee the project, selecting the finest barrels from the same Warehouse H. In 1984, Blanton’s became the first American entry into the ultra-premium whiskey market. Today, most distilleries offer one or more single barrel bottling, but Blanton’s was the first, and I think that this is the finest, single barrel on the market.

The tiny horse and jockey on the bottle stoppers are now a recognized trademark of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.
The rich heritage and tradition of horses in Kentucky parallel that of bourbon.
there is a collectors edition set of eight different stoppers, featuring a horse and jockey in different strides and poses. Each stopper is marked with a single letter that spells Blanton's when the set has been completed.

For all Swedish guys I can tell that there are some 18 bottles left at systemet for the cheap price of 489 kr

Stand and Deliver J

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