Does the world need another whiskey? If so why not from Sweden, If the Japanese can do it so can the Swedes with the Macmyra brand.

First of all I have to confess that I am not a big whisky drinker and I do not enjoy it as much as Cognac and aged Rum but I have the great pleasure to visit the new distillery outside the city of Gävle where they are building a whole new “City” that will be the whisky Mecca in Sweden, everything is brand new and the first batch is planned in end of November

This new site of the company will be something special and the new aging cellars (there will be 20) are magnificent and totally incorporated in the forest like old war bunkers.

The idea to sell whisky before it is made and the store it is great marketing and people who owns barrels love to visit and to cuddle with the casks. People do fancy different things ( I prefer to cuddle with my wife)

Macmyra whiskey is different and not at all in my style but I do like the not aged white spirit called White Dog, that I can sipp but I do recommend you to taste this whiskey and find out that the Swedes know how to make it.


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