Champagne still on my mind

What is it in champagne that always seems to turn people on when you drink it or even just talk about it, for me it is just another wine that can be well made or just badly made and everything in between.

I love great champagne made with care of skilled winemakers who truly understand the potential of the grapes and who can do the assemblage with that extra special care and some reserve wine to top it of.

When I travel in the champagne area and taste wines from both known and unknown producers I always get amazed how bad wines the big houses produce and people buy it just for the commercial side of it, for example the house of Moet-Chandon, all the vines except the Perignon in some vintages and also the Oenotheque can be truly stunning wines, but this is still not what ordinary people buy when they go to a wine store, the pay to much for the brand and not for what’s inside the bottle, I wish that more people pay attention like my good friend Susan Hanna Sipe who lives in CA and loves champagne, miss you girl.

Bubbly is nice

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