There is one tea in the whole world that continue to amaze me for its flavours and highest possible quality and that is THEODOR blended in France by the sheer genius Mr  Guillaume Leleu who started to blend his teas in a historic antique creamery from the 1800 at the place de Trocadero in the heart of Paris in 2002 .

His passion for tea and flawless flavours took him around the world to source the best quality he could find and he blend all the teas by hand in the small village of Bonnieres s/Seine outside Paris with only natural ingredients that are all produced of sustainable methods and ethic ecological raw materials, THEODOR is also the only tea that the whole range is kosher certified to prove the highest standard possible.
Mr Leleu constantly give us surprising flavours like, tomato, bell pepper, lemon, black pepper, cinnamon and so on.
The THEODOR teas can be ordered for the Scandinavian market by Unic Atmosphere www.unictaste.se
My favourite is the J.E. Milky Oolong a black tea from China of highest quality.

Dragan Unic

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