Douro wine made by Negreiros

You all know that I have been struggling to find some Portuguese wines that I like, It is a task let me tell you, to help me out on this my friend the wine producer Mario Negreiros send me some bottles of his stunning and delicious wines.

The wines are all foot pressed (is that the expression? ) with great colour, nice mature fruit, well integrated tannins with a twist of very nice oak, a lovely wine that I can strongly recommend, and of course the reserva stand out a little bit more.

Nearly 10 hectares of the vineyard produce around 50 tons of grapes per year in the Douro from which only 10 to 15 tons are used for the Negreiros wine. The large majority is still traded for Port wine production; only the very best grapes make it in to this IWSC Silver Medal winning wine, making it very special indeed!
Nice job Mario

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