Do you know FORVM vinegar?

Then you have to discover the great wines that are the base in this vinegars, today I meet my good friend Albert from the company CELLERS AVGVSTVS . FORVM  located in the town of Tarragona by the east coast of Spain (just south of Barcelona) The wines of this small producer are extremely good and always great value for money with special focus on the chardonnay wine and the super interesting wine made of 100% cabernet franc that will age beautifully for the next 6-7 years.

I love when people know what they are doing and have the greatest passion for the land and the products that they produce, all in all these people are just farmers with a special gift to bless us all with good wines.

The flagship wine is the TRAJANVS reserva made with the blends of 40% Cab S 40% merlot and 20% Cab franc.  The three grape varieties were harvested on the last days of September (Merlot one week before) and they were elaborated separately of the selected grapes from the oldest vines, in the estate “Les Deveses”, just in front of the Mediterranean sea.
The grapes first had a cold maceration during 48 hours and then fermented at 27ºC during 14 days in stainless steel tanks. The intense maceration lasted two more weeks (28 days in total).

In March 2006 the wine was sent to first year oak barrels, where it made the malolactic
fermentation and there it remained until the end of 2007 (21 months total), moving it to different barrels after the first 10 months. In January 2008 the “coupage” was made and got ready for bottling.

 Albert thank you!

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