Champagnes from Moet, to be or not to be is the question.

What to say about the champagnes of Moet & Chandon? First of all, I really don’t like them at all, actually non of the wines that they produce ( very old vintages is different) I have tried so many times to understand what the winemakers are doing when they do the assemblage for the different cuvees and I simply dong get it and always try to skip using Moet’s wines on my tastings or I use them to show some bad examples of how champagne are supposed not to be, but at the same time I know that many people especially in the US love the Moet and symbolise champagne with that brand, everything is effective marketing like the latest small film with Scarlett Johansen as a Moet muse. Nice production by the way.

On my latest visit to Epernay I forced my self to enter the Moet HQ for a private tasting of the wines, the old tasting room from the Napoleon days is magnificent and amazing, the quiet and efficient private sommelier was very nice.
Reflection: I still do not like the wines produced by Moet but I will try them again.

Dragan Unic.

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