Zind - Humbrecht wines in gods garden

When you leave South Africa you can not believe that one of the first persons you meet is from that country! How fun it was to meet up with Jolene Hunter the cellar master of maison Zind-Humbrecht, she is from J-burg bye the way J

The winery of Olivier Humbrecht is in my book one of the 3 best producers in Alsace ( I will meet them all this week) and Jolene ( Olivier has to drive his son to a new school out of town this day) made this tasting a memory for life, I hade the tasting extravaganza never seen before when we started to get berserk in the tiny wine cellar, the one great bottle after the other, she was a great hostess who could explain all of my silly questions about all aspects of the house winemaking methods and about biodynamic winegrowing techniques.

The wines in the range are all amazing and it’s hard to pick a special wine, but if you have a request for this just drop me a e-mail on dragan@unictaste.se and I will get you an update.

When you taste wines like this from a master of terroirs you can really notice the difference of every slope and the different plots of land where the grapes are grown, very knowledgeable and interesting and put things in new perspective on things.

To be a sommelier and wine nerd is fantastic because the education never stops and you learn something new every time you taste a wine and meet a winemaker, I’m really humble for all of this people that work hard to give us these great wines, there is no shortcuts for quality when it comes to wine.

You get what you pay for//

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  1. kako je svijet mali, zemljače! :)
    Jolene je moja najbolja prijateljica sa studija i zaista buduća zvijezda vinskog svijeta! siguran sam da će za koju godinu početi da nas obasipa sa svojim vrhunskim vinima!
    nego, otkud ti u vinskim vodama? ja sam u ovom poslu vec nekih 4 godine i trenutno sam najvise angazovan na projektima u meksiku gdje i zivim vec godinu dana. (www.vinami.mx)
    bas mi je drago da neko iz nasih krajeva je ozbiljno posvecen vinima! usput, ja sam iz BL, a ti?

    veliki pozdrav