Pinot Noir and great friends

Pinot Noir must be the most exiting grape variety in South Africa right now, after attending a great Pinot tasting with my friend sommelier Miguel Chan I realised quickly the potential of this grape and the great future to come.

The best pinot wines I have tasted so far is Meerlust 2009 from Stellenbosch, De Grendel 2009 from Cape town area, Catherine Marshall seven barrels 2009 from Elgin and finally Nature in Concert made by Danie de Wet from Robertson.

In the new world people mostly rely on New Zealand as a good pinot country by all means, but S-A will give them an match for they money in an few years to come.

The pinot grape can be an real challenge to grow and many winemakers just don’t want do take It, but they who do can make beautiful wines that the world loves right now, its going to be interesting to see how long this grape will stay in fashion considering that everything in the wine world is very sensitive to media and what / how journalists write about wine, for the last 15 years I could see a great development in different countries that make wine but also a development in new style from the old world, we my friends are born in right time for this magic time.

I would like Dusan Jelic welcome back to Europe after many years in S-A, we will meet soon my friend.

Have a great pinot day.

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