Domaine Weinbach / The Faller family

One of my all time favourite wines has to be the wines from Domaine Weinbach and the Faller family, guess if I was exited when I manage to get a appointment with Catherine Faller at the old winery. (from 1612)

The Faller ladies was the best hostesses you can imagine and the tasting that we hade was just mind blowing with the whole range of the Faller wines one better than the other what a treat that was to taste the wines from the grand cru of the estate.

Schlossberg, Furstentum, Mambourg, Altenbourg, cuvee Laurence vineyard, Marckrain and the historical monopole vineyard Clos de Capucins are all making the finest Alsace wines available, beautifully crafted with a female twist to it.

All the wines are made in a special style house style with extracted mature fruit extremely well balanced with sharp acidity and the minerality that make the wines preferable to match with any modern and classic cuisines.

As a chef I see pictures of food when I taste wines and let me tell you that the menu I hade in my mind was extraordinary that could match the domains wines.

The wine that was slightly above the others is the Riesling Schlossberg Cuvee Sainte Catherine “ INEDIT “ that was produced in 1998 for the first time of vines that are more that sixty years of age! This specific little plot reach exceptional maturities year after year with some botrytis without “ trie “ this wine is pure fantasy of how a great Riesling should be in the mature style with an average residual sugar of 22 grams every year, the wine is silky, smooth, complex with a dry finish that shows a perfect balance and elegance of what Riesling as a grape can produce in the hands of a master winemaker. Do you want to have more information of the wines or the Domaine feel free to drop me an mail.

Finger licking good//D

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